Keychron 2, v2 - Mechanical Keyboard ★★★★☆ 4/5

The K2 is a pretty solid choice for a first entry level mechanical keyboard that comes with plenty of options for modifications.

Keychron 2, v2 - Mechanical Keyboard ★★★★☆ 4/5
Keychron K2 v2 with Walnut Wood Palm Rest

The Keychron K2, RGB Backlight, Aluminum Frame version is a 75% keyboard. It comes without a numeric keypad with 75% of the keys of a full keyboard, this means it has F-Keys. It occupies significantly less space on your desk and allows you to have your mouse in a much more natural position.

The K2 v2 is one of the very few mechanical keyboards that come with Swiss German keycaps when you order it from digitec. This was ultimately the reason to give it a try as I'm just too used to the Swiss German keyboard layout at this time.

There are certainly better 75% keyboard options out there but for an entry into this area the K2 is a very attractive and economic choice for starters.

Technical Specifications

  • 84 keys
  • Hot-swappable Gateron G Pro red switches (blue/brown options)
  • Aluminum frame, ABS bottom frame
  • Double-shot ABS Keycaps
  • OEM Profile
  • ISO Layout
  • Adjustable 4-level RGB backlit
  • Bluetooth and USB Type-C cable connection
  • 4000mAh Rechargeable li-polymer battery
  • macOS/Windows support

Source: Keychron


This is a short review of the most important aspects.


The K2 v2 thankfully has an USB-C socket. The stock cable though is USB-A to USB-C. While this will be practical for most users, I chose to replace it with a proper USB-C cable.

The K2 v2 also comes with Bluetooth connectivity and a rechargeable battery which is great if you want to use your keyboard without a physical cable connection. Personally I don't use BT since I prefer the cable connection so not an important feature for me still it's nice to have the option.


Stock options come with a choice of Red / Blue / Brown Gateron Switches. I went for the red ones as they come closest to my preferred switches (Cherry MX red silent). The Gateron red switches are ok for this price point but that's about it.


The keycaps are double shot ABS. They are also ok given the price point but I would definitely prefer a PBT option. I do not like the stock ones very much.


This is probably what I like the least. The K2 is quite loud and when you're typing during an online meeting your counterpart can likely hear the typing noise of the K2. It is therefore in it's stock configuration not ideally suited for work from home or even open office settings.

K2 sound

Palm Rest

You may definitely want to get the palm rest or an alternative. The K2 is just a bit too high to really be comfortable without one.


The Keychron K2 is an attractive entry level option into the mechanical keyboard world. It is moderately priced and offers a Swiss German keycaps layout option which is rare. The hot swappable switches allow for easy modification.

On the disappointing side are the ABS material of the keycaps, the noise/sound and the lack of key remapping and custom lightning configuration possibilities. (QMK can be flashed if you really want it and are willing to give up BT connectivity for now).

All in all the K2 is a pretty solid choice for a first entry level mechanical keyboard at a reasonable price that allows for plenty of modifications.

Considering the moderate price point this is a ★★★★☆ 4/5 stars rating.


  • Swiss German keycaps layout version available (via digitec)
  • Hot swappable switches
  • RGB backlight
  • Wired (USB-C) and wireless (Bluetooth 5.1) connectivity without dongle
  • Good price point for what you get

Room for improvement

  • PBT instead of ABS Keycaps
  • Native QMK support
  • Key remapping support
  • Custom lightning configuration support
  • Almost no choice of alternative keycaps with Swiss German layout