Blocking 🇨🇭 Telemarketing calls with the app

Telemarketing calls are a major annoyance in Switzerland since years. For mobile phones app based solutions are available.

Blocking 🇨🇭 Telemarketing calls with the app
Photo by Quino Al / Unsplash

Telemarketing calls are a major annoyance in Switzerland since years. Some of the Telcos came up with their own proprietary solutions while others haven't come up with solutions at all.

For mobile phones however one can simply take an app based approach independent of the provider.

During the last years the:

‎Mit der App können Sie eingehende Anrufe erkennen sowie unerwünschte Werbeanrufe identifizieren und sogar blockieren: • Dank der Anruferkennung wissen Sie jederzeit, wer Sie kontaktiert hat, auch wenn die Nummer nicht in Ihrem Adressbuch steht. • Optional kann die App auch bekannte und v…

app has proven to be a valuable companion. Not only does it block a list of around 25k telemarketing numbers it also does look up known business numbers and displays the company name for these so that you know who is trying to call you. The app is also free of charge.

Note: On iOS this keeps your numbers private "Incoming calls are never sent to third-party developers." - Apple.

Blocking telemarketing numbers on iOS

Blocking telemarketing numbers is actually quite easy and it takes a mere 5 minutes to set up:

  1. Download the app from the appstore.
  2. Go to Settings -> Phone -> Call Blocking & Identification.

3. Allow the for "Call Blocking & Identification

4. Open the app and select "More" in the lower right corner. Then select "Call Identification & Blocking".

5. Check that the settings are as below.

Enjoy the silence

Known telemarketing numbers are now blocked reliably in the background. You'll find a notification on your iPhone once one has been blocked.

Other than that the app comes with the benefit that for known business numbers (a lot) the company name is displayed during the call notification giving you the choice whether to take the call or not.

From time to time it is required to open the app and let it update the list. It'll notify you when this is required.

Now enjoy the silence!