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As a technology-positive person, I am always looking for technology and tools that make my real life more pleasant and efficient. This page is a continuously updated list of my favorite tools of choice.

Operating Systems / foundational software

My approach to operating systems is diverse. Depending on the context I use what fits the purpose best. This comes with some overhead but over time I've found this the most efficient approach for my needs.



VMs and LXC Containers



  • MacOS - since I prefer Apple hardware




Flexibits Fantastical is a "fantastic" calendar on macOS and it's a great calendar on iOS. I like its ease of use it just doesn't get in my way.


Cardhop is also from Flexibits and is included in the subscription. It's a great contact management app that is far superior to the iOS stock contacts app. It is easy to use and just doesn't get in your way.


Todoist is another App I use for years. Sometimes I even only use the free version. For my needs it's the perfect productivity app, its ease of use and cross-platform support are perfect for me.


Signal is my preferred messenger service due to its high privacy and security standards.

Notes / Knowledge

Notion is a super efficient note-taking and knowledge-capturing tool. It can handle images and tables well.

Every day gear

Phone - iPhone 14 Pro Space Black

I'm a long-term iPhone user, since the iPhone 3G with a quick detour to Android. For the last couple of years, I settled with iOS and iPhone and have no intention to change if things do not change fundamentally in unexpected ways. Among other reasons, I prefer Apple since they at least try to protect customers' data and privacy somewhat whereas other companies' core business model is centered around this (your) data.

Key requirements for me are:

  1. iOS-based

  2. Very good camera

  3. A battery that lasts at least a full day

  4. Form factor, size and weight that are still practical to handle

  5. Wireless charging

  6. Excellent build quality

Smart Watch - Apple Watch Ultra

As an iPhone user iOS compatibility is an important criterion for a smartwatch for me. That's why I have an Apple Watch Ultra. The increased battery life of more than two days together with improved robustness made it an obvious choice for my everyday needs.

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