Mobile, phone & wearables

Mobile, phone & wearables

Mobile Phone

iPhone 11 Pro

iPhone 11 Pro - Technical Specifications

While not being the latest and greatest I found few to no reasons to upgrade to the iPhone 12 Pro and will wait for the next generation.

I am accustomed to iOS and think that is superior to Android in terms of usability and look and feel. Apple's commitment to privacy (I am aware that this is also a marketing strategy) resonates well with my personal conviction that privacy is a non-debatable necessity which I support.

The iPhone Pro series has so far been the sweet spot with regards to size and functionality for me.

Smart Watch

Apple Watch 5

Apple Watch Series 5 - Technical Specifications

Similar to the iPhone I don't have the latest model for the same reasons.

Apple Watch is a good solution if one is sold into the Apple ecosystem anyway. For my uses it's a good compromise between every day smart watch with sports tracking functionality.