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Mobile, phone & wearables

Mobile Phone

iPhone 13 Pro

iPhone 13 Pro und iPhone 13 Pro Max
iPhone 13 Pro und 13 Pro Max. Riesige Kamera-Upgrades. Neues OLED Display mit ProMotion. Schnellster Smartphone Chip. Bahnbrechende Batterielaufzeit.

I recently updated from iPhone 11 Pro to the iPhone 13 Pro. Reasons for the upgrade were mainly the large camera improvements, MagSafe and 5G. Apart from the form-factor of the iPhone 11 Pro which I preferred I am so far very convinced of the iPhone 13 Pro, particularly the improved camera and photo capabilities.

I am accustomed to iOS and of the opinion that it is superior to Android in terms of usability and look and feel. Apple's commitment to privacy (I am aware that this is also a marketing strategy) resonates well with my personal conviction that privacy is a non-debatable necessity.

The iPhone Pro series has so far been the sweet spot in regards to size and functionality for me.

Smart Watch

Apple Watch 7

Apple Watch Series 7
Die Apple Watch Series 7 hat das bisher grösste, fortschritt­lichste Display, innova­tive Gesundheits­features und ist die bisher robusteste Apple Watch

After the Apple Watch 5 I upgraded to Apple Watch 7. Primary reasons were the faster charging capability which helps me a lot and the bigger screen combined with an attractive price point.

Apple Watch is a good solution if one is tied into the Apple ecosystem. For my uses it's a good compromise between every day smart watch and sport tracking functionality.